You have questions,  So, let us answer your questions right now...

  1. How much does it cost to display/host my images on Preview Gallery? 
  2. Are there any setup fees, commissions, annual or monthly maintenance charges? 
  3. How difficult will it be to learn how to use? 
  4. Do I have to re-size all of my images myself?
  5. When will I be able to upload images?
  6. Can I customize my Gallery, set my own prices and other options?
  7. Is it easy for my clients to use?
  8. Are my images protected from copying by the customer?
  9. How do I get paid for orders, and pay for my lab work?
  10. How do I receive orders from my Gallery?
  11. How do I get my orders printed and shipped to my clients?
  12. How do I sign-up for Preview Gallery?

The answers...

  1. We will provide you with a FREE Trial Preview Gallery web hosting site that has a 500 image display capacity free for 60 days. No credit card is required! If you need more storage capacity for a project during your trial period,  it can be purchased in blocks of 1000 images for only $10 per month. After your free trial is over you pay only $4.95 per month for the basic gallery with 500 image capacity. Added capacity (on top of the 500 included) is only billed as needed at $10 per 1000 images. This means as long as your gallery has 500 or fewer images, it will cost you only $4.95 per month. Accounts can be billed monthly or annually.
  2. There are no maintenance fees, or commission charges on your sales, only a small monthly fee for the storage of your images on your galleries. There are no contracts, or any additional fees to keep your Gallery Online. Add or subtract storage capacity as needed, or cancel altogether at any time, and you will be charged only for what has been used up to the end of the billing period. There are never any commissions charged to your on-line sales made through your Preview Gallery. You set your own prices for products and shipping. If you decide you want us to set up your gallery for you, we offer this service for a one time fee of $20. We can also upload events for you to your gallery for a small fee that is based on the number of images uploaded. Please contact us for more information.
  3. We have removed the difficulty associated with other online web hosting solutions. We have created an easy to use solution that will have you uploading your images to your own personalized Preview Gallery - In less time than you might think. On-line video tutorials can be accessed at any time, and we offer hands-on workshops from time to time that cover the basic concepts. Check our website for the next Preview Gallery Workshop.
  4. Our Software automatically resizes your images before uploading them to your Gallery. Most other image hosting companies "gloss over" the tedious steps they will require you to do BEFORE you can upload your images to the web. Our Upload Toolbox does all the work for you. All you do is organize your images into standard file folders. You can use the free PC Presentation Gold software or any program you are comfortable with to categorize your images.

    Before you upload your event you can:
  • Set a shut off date and limit the viewing time of an event
  • Set print and shipping charges
  • Password protect your event
  1. Setting up your own Preview Gallery will take you about 15-20 minutes, and you can start right now. Just watch the videos and you can setup your own Gallery without waiting for any help from us. The main thing to remember is that you will need to do 3 things prior to uploading your first event, once you have completed your basic Gallery "Set Up". You will need create a product catalog to: 1) Print sizes and Prices, 2) Shipping Charges and your state's sales tax (only if you collect sales tax!), and finally 3) Payment Options, which will include seting up the shopping cart to use your PayPal account. You will have many other features and options available to you, but all you need to do is these 3 things and you will be displaying your images on your Preview Gallery in just a few minutes.
  2. Customization features include, Price setting for individual prints and packages, Set your Shipping Charges, Event Shut Off and Re-Activation, Hide Events (Protect for client viewing only), Gallery customization, Slide Show, Colors, Text, and more. Your Basic Starter Gallery has been set up for quick and easy use. Later you can return to your Preview Gallery Dashboard and customize your Galleries, colors, fonts, logo or banner, and other details. You can also create a "watermark" to help protect your displayed images.

We can only tell you what our users tell us. Preview Gallery is "Easy to Use".

Your clients will be able to:

  • View images "Side by Side" for easy comparisons
  • View a Full Screen Image
  • Order B&W and Sepia
  • Order Packages with one pose or multiple poses
  • Pay by credit card or call you for other payment arrangements

We take every precaution to safeguard your photos, but the best method for protecting your images on the web is "Watermarking" them. This feature is built into the Pro Gallery Toolbox, which is part of the Presentation Gold software for PC. This feature can also be accessed via the Preview Gallery Dashboard (

  1. You collect your payment by credit card immediately. You use your existing PayPal account, or create one for yourself. Paypal is a "real" bank, and is fast to set up and easy to use. They offer  one of the best rates for on-line small businesses, typically about 3% of your total sale. You get paid by your clients at the moment of the sale, then you pay us for the prints and shipping & handling costs when the order is shipped. We can keep a payment card on file for this purpose.
  2. When your client places an order, the Preview Gallery Order Utility, "Pro Image Toolbox" (Windows PC only) retrieves the order from the web for you. You will get a message in your computer that you have a "New Web Order". You open the Web Order Toolbox, and then open the order. The program will retrieve the selected images for you and place them in a temp folder. You can then review, crop as desired or even edit the images in Photo Shop from within the Pro Image Toolbox program. When the review is complete, the system will prepare the order with all print size, cropping and quantity requirements, ready for transmission to us. A few clicks are all that is necessary to safely upload you order to our FTP server.

If you are a MAC user, your orders arrive by email, and you manually create your clients order using the Photographer's Dashboard "EZOrder" feature, which transfers your job directly to our server. Regardless of the method used, once an order is received by our labs computer, a confirmation is automatically generated and e-mailed back to you, and your client's job is transfered into our production workflow for processing

  1. We have integrated the Preview Gallery system into our lab’s workflow so that we can handle your orders quickly and easily. Express Orders usually go directly to your clients, but you can change the shipping information to have the orders sent back to you, or pick them up in person.
  2. To set up a Free Trial Preview Gallery of your own, just go to the "Register"  Menu and remember to enter the code UPH when prompted. There is a short article about setting up your new Preview Gallery that you should read. You can also watch video tutorials on the "Photographers Dashboard" in the "SUPPORT - Help / Instructions" section, or from our "Preview Gallery Support" tab on our main menu of the website.
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