Although it is highly recommended not to run applications that are blocked by JAVA security, there are cases where legitimate applications with limited distibution are blocked from running. This is true for websites like Preview Gallery that use JAVA applications to upload files for gallery use and to place print orders with us here at Uphoto. Our software provider is working to overcome these security limitations, but given the relatively small number of clients (compared to other internet usage) that use our service, it may be some time before a complete solution can be found that will fully correct the security issue.

As a workaround until this is resolved, you can use the Exception Site list feature in the JAVA configuration control panel so that you will be able to run the blocked application on the Preview Gallery website. Adding the URL of the blocked application to the Exception Site list allows it to sucessfully run with only a few warnings.

Steps to Add the Preview Gallery URL to the Exception Site List:

Go to the JJava Configuration Panelava Control Panel (On Windows Click Start and locate the JAVA folder, then select Configure Java) On a MAC this will be found in the Applications Folder.


Click on the "Security" tab


Click on the "Edit Site List" button


Click "Add" in the Exception Site List window, then click "Add url" to Exception Site list


Click in the empty field under the Location field to enter the URL below:

 This is the URL where Preview Gallery is hosted and will be shown in the dialog box for the blocked application

 Click "OK" to save the URL that you entered, then click Continue on the Security Warning dialog. Close, then re-open your browser and log onto your Preview Gallery Dashboard at When you are ready to upload a new event or submit a print order, you will be asked to allow the JAVA application to run. You will be asked to "Allow" or "permit" the application to run at one or more security prompts, so just say yes and at long last, JAVA will be allowed to run properly. Hurray !!

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