We will professionally optimize exposure, fill, highlights and color/tone correct your RAW digital files, rotate vertical images and then export them as hi-res JPEG’s, ready for printing, delivery to your client or uploading to your Preview Gallery.

  If you are more comfortable shooting JPEG’s, we can often provide significant improvements to your uncorrected original images with this service. 

Service Fees

Number of Files Setup Charge Cost per Image
1-99 $6.95 .30 ea
100-299 $9.95 .28 ea
300+ $15.95 .25 ea


File Delivery Options 

Images on CD (up to 650MB) per Original CD $5.95 Duplicate CD's, Per Disk $3.95
Images on DVD (up to 4.5 GB), per Original DVD $10.95 Duplicate DVD's per Disk $8.95
Upload to FTP Server, per 250 MB $5.00 Upload to Preview Gallery Site, per Event


Please provide your RAW or JPEG files on CD, DVD or other removable media. We have computers available in our customer service area if you prefer to download your images directly to our in-house print server. Files may also be uploaded through our on-line FTP site. Please call us or stop by for detailed information.

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