Do you need to display your images on line to enhance your sales?

Photographers today need to display images and sell products on-line because in todays connected world, clients expect it. There are many solutions available, but most are expensive and complicated to set up and use. Don't know how to get started? Let us help! We offer an affordable, simple solution to this problem that will provide your customers, friends and family a way to view their treasured photo events and buy prints and other products from you, on-line with your own Preview Gallery.

Created by award winning Master Professional Photographer Bob Kahn, this unique system provides you with all the tools you need to gain control of your digital work flow and sell your work on-line. 

We do not charge setup or membership fees and we do not take commissions on your sales. 

We proudly offer a service which will enable you to increase your sales through on-line image posting and streamline the order process. It includes a basic Preview Gallery website with 500 image capacity, complete with a PayPal enabled shopping cart and order fulfillment system. Best of all, you can try this great sales and marketing tool absolutely free for 60 days.  After the free trial expires, you 'll pay as little as $4.95 per month for the basic 500 image gallery with no long term commitment.  We offer several monthly subscription levels with as much image storage as your business requires, so you pay only for storage as needed. Since there are no long term commitments, so you can modify or cancel your subscription at any time without further obligation. We do not charge a setup fee, annual membership nor do we take any commissions on your sales as so many others do. Our system is built to provide a Total Solution for the photographer who would prefer to spend less time with image organizing, ordering and studio management. The Preview Gallery was designed by Professional Photographers and Experienced Studio and Lab Managers.

We include easy to use PC Windows Software to make our Beautiful Photo Books!

MAC and PC users can access the Preview Gallery on-line Dashboard to securely upload images to the Gallery without any additional software. This easy to use interface provides the tools to manage events and web page content, make price and product changes or track your sales with detailed reports. You can place orders for prints and other products with the integrated FTP ordering system, or create incredible composite album pages with the fabulous new on-line Freestyle Album Designer. Have your clients select their favorite images, and then direct them to the site where they can review the album design you have created. Images displayed on the website can not be copied or downloaded. Changes can be made in a snap without re-doing entire pages. We can color and density correct your images, if necessary, and print the composite pages ready to be bound in the album and company of your choice, or we can create beautiful and affordable custom photo books for you in-house.

Our Dashboard utilizes custom Java applets to manage files on the Preview Gallery and create print orders. When creating a new gallery, you can choose to use the Express option, and the full resolution files will be uploaded and stored on our local server. This way, when your clients place an order, it will be automatically transferred to our production system and be ready for printing without any intervention on your part. For a small additional fee, we will drop ship the order directly to your client. If you have a Pay-Pal account, you can collect payments directly from your client. We will bill you only for the cost of the print order and shipping.

If you are a Windows PC user, the stand-alone software provides easy access to your Preview Gallery for image watermarking, uploading, event management, print ordering, image adjustment, and includes a complete album page design program. The PC application is called Presentation Gold, and also provides users an easy way to transfer files from memory cards and quickly rename and organize images. In addition, you can color correct, rotate and crop your images, all without making destructive changes to the original file. TIF or JPEG images, or scans from roll film can be used with this system. The Preview Gallery is also accessible on-line so you can securely manage events, upload images, track sales, order prints and design album pages with the Freestyle Album Designer from any computer with internet access.

Print orders are created by your client, and automatically transferred to your computer where Presentation Gold retrieves the necessary files and prepares them for transmission to Uphoto. You can review, crop or retouch images before tapping a few mouse clicks that will send us the order. The easy to use album page designer, which is included with Presentation Gold, will greatly reduce the time needed to create composite pages. Additionally, the composites are produced in a format that allows each image element to be individually color corrected, cropped or replaced before printing. Hundreds of  templates are available free of charge, and templates you may already be using can often be imported into the program for use with the album designer application. A template utility tool is provided to enable you to create your own designs in any size or configuration.

By entering your studio’s pricing information for each print size, an order summary report and invoice can be generated for each job. Orders prepared with Presentation Gold or Preview Gallery Dashboard qualify for discounted pricing on many services.

Free, No Risk 60 Day Trial Offer. No Credit Card Required!

As a special service to our customers, for a limited time you can sign-up for the Basic Presentation Gold System free of charge. We provide you with storage for up to 500 images, plus access to the Photographer's Dashboard and the stand-alone PC software Presentation Gold.  Additional image storage capacity is available  from 1000 to 60,000 images per month. Documentation and instructional videos covering almost every aspect of the Dashboard and Presentation Gold program are also available on-line. Stop by the lab, enroll in one of our Preview Gallery Workshops, or call for more information today!  Click here to get started with Preview Gallery. (Make sure to use the 'Lab Code" UPH)


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