Fine Art Giclée prints represent the ultimate in Fine Art printing and are considered to be one of the highest quality reproduction methods currently available. These prints offer outstanding color reproduction combined with long term image stability. A Giclée print can provide the closest possible reproduction of artwork, even down to the texture of the original media. It's no wonder that world wide, so many museums and collectors proudly exhibit Giclée prints.

We will professionally optimize exposure, fill, highlights and color/tone correct your RAW digital files, rotate vertical images and then export them as hi-res JPEG’s, ready for printing, delivery to your client or uploading to your Preview Gallery.

We can restore faded or damaged pictures with our photo restoration services. First we scan your original photo, then we fix cracks, tears, stains and spots. In many cases, color can be either partially or fully restored to it's original beauty.

Professional digital captures from flat art are produced by several methods, depending on the size and type of original. Captures of unmatched quality are available from art or photos of almost any size. Oversize originals are captured using a multi-pass scanning or multiple digital photo capture technique. Images produced using this method will deliver exceptional sharpness, resolution and  dynamic range. Please specify the desired use, final output image size and resolution. Price does not include image manipulation or cost of storage media.

Professional grade scans are available from 35mm, 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7 & 6x9cm cut negatives or transparencies at optical resolutions of up to 4800 ppi . Flat Art up to 12x18, or 4x5 and 8x10 sheet film can be scanned at resolutions up to 4000 ppi. Please specify the desired use, color space, output image size & resolution, and file format. Price does not include image manipulation or cost of storage media. Scans will be burned to CD for $6.95 per Disc, or DVD for $15.00 per Disc.

Although Uphoto no longer processes traditional films, we will continue to offer high quality scans from developed standard negative or transparency roll film sizes. For the most economical service please submit un-cut rolls for scans whenever possible.

35mm film scans are sized for 4x6 300 ppi output. Medium resolution scans are 8x12 at 300 ppi, and High resolution scans are at 10x15 300 ppi.

120/220 film scans are sized for 4x5 or 5x5 300 ppi output (low res), 8x8 or 8x10 300 ppi (med Res) or 10x10 or 10x13 300 ppi (high res). Images saved as jpeg files. Up to ten rolls can be saved on one CD (at $6.95 per CD). Service time: 5-7 days

Low resolution 35mm scans are sized for 4x6 300 ppi output. Medium resolution scans are 8x12 at 300 ppi, and High resolution scans are at 10x15 300 ppi. Images saved as jpeg files. Up to 500 low res scans can be saved on one CD (at $5.95 per CD). This service if for mounted full frame 35mm slides only.

Let Uphoto enhance your photo, art, or memorabilia with one of our stylish framing options. We offer a complete line of Metal, Wood, Exhibit and wall display framing. Only acid free archival matting is utilized so you can be confident that your framed images will last a lifetime.

Looking for the perfect special occasion gift for the new bride, home decorator, or photographer in your life? How about a Gift Card from Uphoto! Your photo enthusiast can use their gift card for any of our photo printing, framing, or scanning purchases. 

Do you need to display your images on line to enhance your sales?

Photographers today need to display images and sell products on-line because in todays connected world, clients expect it. There are many solutions available, but most are expensive and complicated to set up and use. Don't know how to get started? Let us help! We offer an affordable, simple solution to this problem that will provide your customers, friends and family a way to view their treasured photo events and buy prints and other products from you, on-line with your own Preview Gallery.

The CAMOSOCK® Military Holiday Stocking is designed to become a treasured keepsake for the Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen or National Guardsmen that receives one. Displaying one of our CAMOSOCKS is sure to become a wonderful addition to any military family's Holiday traditions.

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