The file below is the standard reference file that we use to check our workstation monitors after they have been calibrated. You can obtain a free Pro digital reference print that has been made from this file with no manual corrections. Ask for one next time you stop by, or request one with your next on-line order.

You may copy and save this image by right clicking on it (ctrl click on a MAC) and selecting "save image as" then choose the location to which you want to save the file. Using the imaging program of your choice, open this file and compare your screen image with the actual print. If your monitor is properly calibrated, it should be pretty close. Make any adjustments to the monitor needed to visually match the two images. If your monitor is too far off, then you will need to obtain a screen calibration kit before you attempt any color and/or density corrections. Once the monitor and print match closely, any future prints you have made by us should closely match the image you view on your computer screen.

Please remember that this method is not intended to replace hardware/software calibration methods. It can, however provide the extra bit of visual fine tuning that will make the task of color matching more reliable.

Fuji Digital Reference

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