To help avoid production issues, it's best to limit your image file names to no more than 24 characters. Prints made on our Noritsu 32 digital photo printer include two rows of back printing with order number and file names and other data, but each line of text is limited to 24 characters.

Longer file names are truncated and the back printing may become useless for image identification. Also, our workstations only display the first 24 characters of the file name. Shorter names are easy to work with, so resist adding unnecessary text to every file.

If you are using a WINDOWS computer, make certain that you DO NOT save your files in the "My Photos" or any other directory located on the computer's desktop folder. Instead, create a "new folder" in the root directory of your main drive and name it "Digital Photos" or something similar that will help you identify the location of your image files. Once the new folder is in place, you can easily create a shortcut of this directory on your desktop for easy access to the files. Then, when you want to save new images, create a new sub-folder named for each project WITHIN your "Digital Photos" directory. Place the new images inside this new folder and they will be far easier to locate.

Perhaps most important of all, DO NOT include any of the following characters in the name of image files:

/ ? \ : * . ! @ # $ % ^ & ” ' , | or any special characters EXCEPT standard alphabetical or numerical characters with a dash (-) or underscore ( _ ). Special characters are often used as instruction codes inside the computer and can cause problems with our printing software. If you are using the Presentation Gold Software, you will not be able to load files if the filenames include any of the above characters.

Finally, when using Presentation Gold to create orders or upload to an online Gallery, the image files MUST be located on the hard drive, NOT a DVD or CD. The upload process requires the image location and other information to be recorded in a file that is created with the order that must be in the same directory that the files are located. This means that the computer be able to write that file to the drive containing the images. In addition, orders received through Preview Gallery will require that the files be in the same location on the same computer that uploaded the images to the gallery in the first place.


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