A Giclee (gee-clay) is a fine art inkjet print produced to exacting standards on archival media substrates. The process was originally pioneered in the early 1990’s by rock legend Graham Nash and his business associate Mac Holbert.

Finding that the print technology of that time did not provide the archival permanence required for fine art printing, their team formulated new pigment based inks to replace the existing dye technology of the Iris 3047 printer and in doing so they ushered in a new era of fine art print making.

One member of Nash's group, fine art printing pioneer Jack Duganne, coined the term Giclée to distinguish the new archival process from the common, non-archival inkjet and photographic prints that were available. “Giclee”, was derived from the French words "le gicleur" meaning "nozzle" and "gicler" meaning to spray or squirt a liquid, thereby describing the function of the printhead used in the machine. Today, the term Giclee suggests a superior elevation in the fine art printmaking craft. Images are produced on large format certified inkjet printers that utilize special pigment based inks. Printing is available on a variety of archival Matte finish fine art papers or Canvas that will provide fade resistance of at least 50 - 120 years or more under average indoor display conditions. When these materials and equipment are combined with our superior craftsmanship, you will find that the Giclee process provides better color accuracy and permanence than most other means of reproduction.

Giclee’s are advantageous to artists and photographers who find it is not feasible to mass produce their work by other methods, but still want to create limited edition Fine Art Prints of their art or images as needed. Once a print edition is finalized and archived, additional reproductions can be made with minimal effort and cost. Thus the upfront cost of mass production is greatly reduced and printing is done on demand. Another tremendous advantage to Giclee printing is that images can be reproduced to almost any size and on a variety of fine art media, giving you the ability to customize prints for a specific client or purpose. Multiple sizes can be produced to fit marketing needs.

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