We get asked all the time where to find training and tutorials on Photoshop. Many good sources are available, but  we have found Lynda.com is among the best. They offer tutorials and classes on just about every software you can think of as part of their subscription package. Lynda.com has a free trial membership so you can explore what they have available, and once you see all they offer, you'll probably want to sign up for a subscription plan.

They have several options including monthly and annual subscription plans starting for as little as $25 for unlimited access to all their on-line courses.

Lynda.com also provides some great "stand-alone" tutorials, several of which are linked to below. You can also subscribe (for free!) to their Youtube channel to access dozens of useful and informative video tutorials. Just click here to subscribe ---> Lynda.com on Youtube

Here are some links to videos of just a few of our favorites:

There are many many more, so be sure to check out the Lynda.com YouTube Channel!

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