What exactly is FTP?

FTP stands for File-Transfer-Protocol, and using it provides a method of exchanging all kinds of digital files online. Using a software application that allows your computer to connect directly to our server, FTP offers a far more reliable method of transferring files than e-mailing images and becomes essential for sending large uncompressed files such as TIF, PSD or RAW images.

For the easiest, most reliable transfers, we recommend an application  like FileZilla, Fetch, Cyberduck or similar program. Once your FTP file transfer to our server has been sucessfully completed, you need to contact us so that we will know to download your images and begin work on your job. Once we have successfully retrieved you files, we delete them from the server. We recommend you call us at 301-937-5510 or use our toll free number at 800-362-5959 so that we can verify your successful upload. Experienced users may also be able to setup FTP transfers through Internet Explorer and FireFox with appropriate plugins installed on their systems.

Free FTP Software

We use and highly recommend Filezilla, which is available for both MAC and WINDOWS computers. Click here for a direct link to their website for a free download. Make sure you select the FileZilla Client version for your computer's Operating System (MAC or Windows).

The image below shows the main screen of the FileZilla Client. The left half of the divided screen displays files and folders on your computer, while the right half displays our FTP upload area. Transferring folders/images is as simple as dragging the folder of files from the left side of the screen to the right side. The bottom section displays the progress of the transfer and notifies you of any problems and when the transfer has been completed.

Filezilla Main Screen

fz3 win main

Once you have installed the software, you will need to contact us at 301-937-5510 or toll free at 800-362-5959 to request the login credentials. You will need to have the Host, Username and Password in order to log onto our FTP Server and upload your files. We usually send this information via email.

Please Read this Section Before You Do Anything Else !!!

FTP Order Setup

Before you can send us your files, you will need to prepare them for submission. First, create a new folder on your computer with your name/studio plus today's date, such as "Joe Smith MM-DD-YYYY". Next, copy the files you want to send us into this new folder. If submitting RAW files, and you have previously performed any adjustments to the files, make sure to include the XMP files along with the RAW images. This will allow us to access your adjustments as the starting point to any additional corrective work we may need to perform.

If submiting JPG or TIF files, you can create additional folders within your main folder as needed to distinguish print sizes, quantities, or other project designations. When ordering photo prints (silver halide), please make certain that your files are saved as 8-bit sRGB files, in standard jpeg or non compressed TIF format. If you are sending TIF files, make sure they are flattened with no additional alpha channels. If you want us to be able to correct/adjust images in layers, you can send unflattened PSD files.

Files that will be produced as Studio Giclee Prints, Canvas Wraps or Digital Archival Prints can be 8-bit Adobe 1998 files, but they should be clearly marked for this purpose. If you send Adobe 1998 files for regular photo printing, each files must be converted to sRGB. This additional work can delay processing and add cost to your order. In either case, please DO NOT send 16 bit files. We can only print 8 bit files, and 16 bit must be converted before printing

Finally, create a text document with your contact information, (including a phone number) and a description of the work you want to have done. Make sure you specify print sizes, cropping or full frame requirements, and if you want color/density corrections made or print "as-is". If you have retouching, mounting or framing requests or need to meet a deadline, please mention that as well.

FTP Uploading - The Last Step!

Once you have installed the FTP software and successfully connected to our remote server with the login information (PLEASE CALL), you can drag and drop your prepared folder from your computer to our Server. In FileZilla, you can also "right click" on your folder and select "upload" to begin the process. You will be able to monitor the progress of the upload in the status window. When finished, please call (preferably) or e-mail us to let us know you have sent us the files. We will download your folder and verify the contents before deleting your images from our client server.

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