At the bottom of this page you will find the link used to register for your FREE 60 Day Trial Preview Gallery account. The information below describs the freatures and uses of Preview Gallery, but if you want to save time you can go straight to the bottom of this page to register. Oh ... by the way PLEASE use our lab code "UPH" in the required space on the form.

We hope that you will take the time and read through this section. Probably ninety percent of the questions you may have about Preview Gallery are answered right here. So lets get started!

How do I upload my Events/Images?

  1. Once you have Registered for your Gallery, you need to go to your Photographer's Dashboard, where you will find links to all of the tools available to you. You can login at
  2. Log-in to the Dashboard, with your Gallery/Username. Explore the menus and the functions they access. Click on this link to find out how to customize your new gallery website.
  3. Before you can upload your first event,  you must set up your pricing and payment/shipping options. Choose "Event Tools" from the Menu and "Products & Prices" and create a new Product Catalog from the left side Menu. Select the Print Sizes you want to offer by checking or un-checking the boxes, and then set the Print Prices you wish to charge.  You can click and drag the various print sizes into different positions to make managing your catalog easier. For now, just fill in the "Standard Price" and save the new Product Catalog at the bottom of the page. Use a name that makes sense like "Wedding" or "Portrait", etc. You can go back and make changes later if you need to.
  4. Next, use the "Event Tools" Menu again and this time select "Shipping & Payments". As before, from the left side menu, choose the "Product Catalog" you just created in the step above and fill out the required information.
  5. The first time you prepare an event, set up prices for a few print sizes, set up some basic shipping charges, and be sure to set your shipping options. If you want to collect payments online, enter your PayPal account information (this is the email address you registered with PayPal). Normally, it's best to offer just one option (like PayPal).
  6. Now, use the "Event Tools" Menu again but this time choose the "Upload New Event" option. Select an "Event Type", "Product Catalog" and provide an "Event Name" and select the options you want. For your test event, leave all the options as "no" and then click "Upload Images" to start the upload module and then follow the on-screen instructions.  For this test, just upload a few images in one folder, perhaps 10 or 20.  You should make a habit of not putting more than 250 images in a single folder, because too many images will slow and interfere with the ordering process. There is a maximum of 400 images that can be uploaded to a single catigory, so it's a good practice to split up an event into smaller categories. When the upload finishes, close the Dashboard and your browser. Restart your browser and go to your preview gallery to see how the upload worked.
  7. Explore your test Gallery, place an order, and see how you receive messages back by email. Later, you can upload a REAL event, maybe a wedding, and break the event into "Categories" like these ...

Place these Categorized Sub-Folders inside a main Event folder and upload your entire Event all at once. Our Upload Utility will re-size the images for you to the required sizes for the Gallery before uploading them to your event.

NOTE: Image rotation has to be performed prior to uploading your images. If you have a PC, use our Presentation gold software to organize your images and the Auto Rotation feature will handle the images rotation.

If you are using a MAC, you must be sure the images are truly rotated. Some of the MAC software applies the Auto Rotation for viewing purposes, but does not actually apply the rotation. Make a few test uploads and check the rotation.

We have many useful tools in Preview Gallery that will help you improve your sales. Look at the Package Making System that allows you to create prices for your packages, based on the number of poses ordered in the package.

Create discount/complimentary "Coupons" for your clients.

Review the EZ Photo ID Toolbox. this is a marvelous tool for displaying school images requiring individual ID and security.

How do my Clients View their images?

You have a few ways you can do this.

  1. Send your clients directly to your Preview Gallery by giving them your address"yourgallery".
  2. You can register an easy to remember custom web domain with us at and then re-direct that domain to your Preview Gallery home page, or a specific event on your Gallery. Most domain registrations are only $10.99 per year or less!
  3. You can include a link to your Preview Gallery on your own website if you have one.
  4. You can also give them a direct link to their event. When you create/upload a new event, a Link/Path is created. It will be available for you to copy, from the Manage/Upload Event screen. You simply click the button and an email will be created. Send the link to your client.

You will also have the option of creating a "Shut Off" date for your Event. You can re-activate the Event at any time. Shutting Off an Event does not remove it from your Gallery, it simply makes it not available for viewing unless you re-activate it. This can help "encourage" clients to make their order selections in a more timely manor.

Can I password Protect my Events?

You can "Hide" and event from display in the Event list that is visible on your Gallery. When you prepare your Event for display, you will have the option of "Hiding" the Event. Hiding an Event is our method is Password Protecting it.

How do I receive my orders from the web?

You will receive an email with your order enclosed when someone place an order on your website. We also have an automated order processing system that can prepare your work for production within our lab. You can use the EZ Print Order Toolbox in the Dashboard to manually create an order or if you use the "Express" option or if you are a PC user of the Presentation Gold software , it will create the orders automatically from the the information provide by the web customer and FTP it to us for processing. You will have to provide credit card or other payment information for us to keep on file so that we can "drop-ship" directly to your customer. Contact us for more details about this service.

How do I collect Payments for my orders created on my Gallery?

You can have your clients contact you with their payments, or you can create a PayPal account and have them pay you online. PayPal is the number one payment gateway for small businesses on the web. Their rates are reasonable, your clients can pay with virtually any major credit card, and they DO NOT need to have their own PayPal account.

If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can create on in a few minutes. Visit

PC Users

You can install our Pro Image Upload Utility and our Presentation Gold software. These programs will help you organize your events very quickly, then click a button and upload your event to your Gallery.

When your clients place orders on your Gallery, the Presentation Gold software retrieves the order and finds the specified images for you. All you have to do is any needed retouching, cropping or other enhancements, then click a button and your order is on its way to Uphoto.

If you need help on any of these procedures, check out the video tutorials available from the Dashboard "Support" Menu located in the "Help / Instructions" section. You can also drop by the lab for one-on-one help with your Gallery.

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There is no long term commitment and you are free to modify or cancel your subscription plan at any time without any further obligation.

One Last Time .... Make sure to use the Lab Code UPH when you register

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