Before you can start using the EZ Print Ordering or Event Tools options on the dashboard  you will need to make sure that the JAVA plugin is installed and properly activated on your computer's browser.  If you don't already have it installed, or or not sure if you have it, you can download the latest version by clicking on JAVA's website. Installation is automatic and straight forward, however most browsers will require you make changes to the security settings in order to successfully run the JAVA plugin. These changes will allow the plugin to function on specified websites and block operation on non-allowed sites. This process can sometimes be a challange and we have included a link here Java Help Info to assist you. You may find that even after sucessfully installing and configuring JAVA, that it still may not work as intended. Security updates may require you to add the Preview Gallery site to an "exceptions list" to allow you to use the JAVA application required to upload files and place orders on line with Uphoto. For more information see our article on this JAVA SECURITY WORKAROUND.

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